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This is for information purposes only. It is the user's responsibility to make safe decisions in Alaska backcountry.

Additional Resources

Alaska weather line - (907) 266-5145 or 1 (800) 472-0391.

Dial ext. 3211 for Anchorage area, 3212 for Matanuska Valley, and 3215 for Kenai Mts.

Includes recorded forecasts for Anchorage and south-central Alaska.

Anchorage International     (907) 248-2033

Merrill Field                          (907) 272-0542

Palmer                                  (907) 746-6675

Portage                                 (907) 783-2626

Seward                                  (907) 224-2440

Eureka Summit                     (907) 822-3011


VHF radio continuous broadcast, updated at 0400 and 1600 hrs (162.55mhz). Programed in ANSP radios.

National Weather Service Alaska weather summaries 

Look under current conditions for forecast areas specific to South-central, AK.

Eastern Turnagain Arm mountain forecasts


Alaska Avalanche School


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